Heart to Beat by Brian Lima

Heart to Beat 4/5 ✅ A very easy to read, an enjoyable book. Brian shares his inspirational story to becoming one of the best cardiac surgeons in NY. The best part is that he says he was not the brightest, did not come from a networked or wealthy family nor was his IQ through the... Continue Reading →

Change hats but stay original!

Wearing different “hats” simply means we take up different roles in life. Instead of drowning with all the responsibilities that come with each role, try to have fun with it. Start to categorize demands on your time into these different roles rather than separate responsibilities. After asking around, people take on the following roles and... Continue Reading →

How to actively read

Hi everybody, as you already know by now I love reading. More so now in quarantine, you’ll mostly find me consuming books, highlighting and taking notes (if I’m not babysitting).   My favorite genres are nonfiction, how-tos, self-development, biographies, and memories. So for me taking notes and trying to apply the teaching in real life is... Continue Reading →

Eat that frog

Brian Tracy, in “Eat that Frog”, explains that getting big tasks completed in the early part of the day is not enervating, but energising. The sense of completion and success signals the psychological reward centres in our brain that fuel further productive work. Rather than drain us, completing big tasks has the power to motivate... Continue Reading →

How and why you should read more!

Surveys show that 43% of adults read even a single novel, story, poem, or play in a single year! Do you find yourself wanting to read more but like many others things in life, things keep getting in the way? Or perhaps, your reading is limited to Facebook updates, twitter feeds or the directions on... Continue Reading →

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