Ways to improve your brain

Here’s a thought that I hope sticks with you throughout this year! Brainpower improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise. 

This means that you can slow your cognitive aging decline and keep your brain, memory, problem-solving ability and processing speed young! 

To make this as simple to understand. Think how tired you got the last time you tried learning something new. Or remember how fatigued you feel when you had a lot to think about at work. During these situations, 99.9% of the reason is your brain is overworked, and that’s proof that like any other muscle, overworking it will get tired. Therefore like any other muscle, we can also strengthen it!

Scientifically this happens by creating or enhancing new neuropathways (connections in our brain), increasing the size of our hippocampus – the area of the brain that controls memory, learning, and even our mood. It can grow new neurons throughout our lives. 

Here are 5 ways to slow down cognitive aging and improve your brain

  1. Healthy diet: Refined sugars, high-fat diets are bad for neurogenesis. Add these brain foods in your every diet and witness a significant change. Avocado, fish eggs, almonds, dark chocolate.
  2. Exercise: Blood flows to your brain which keeps it nourished! Especially aerobic exercise.
  3. Sleep: Quality, restful sleep not only contributes to your brain improvement and health, but sleep deprivation is massively damaging. 
  4. Keep challenging your mind: Whether it’s learning something new, playing sudoku or doing puzzles always keep challenging with something new.
  5. Reduce stress: Too much stress releases toxins to the brain. There are many ways to reduce your stress including all of the above points, meditating, having an enjoyable hobby.

Accept it, believe it and start improving your brain one bit at a time!

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