How important are soft skills nowadays?

Not too many years ago, many looked at soft skills as unscientific and a waste of time. Knowing how to do computer programming, quick typography, or how to apply accounting principles was deemed enough to have a successful career. However, we’re in a different world today. Hard skills get you a job, but soft skills definitely keep you in it!

What are soft skills?

The Collins English Dictionary defines “soft skills” as “desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge”: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude.

According to researches made by HR departments, the ability to communicate clearly, the ability to work well with others, the ability to manage time effectively and many more, are examples of soft skills.

Top 5 soft skills that Companies look for as per LinkedIn:

  1. Creativity – While robots are great at optimizing old ideas, organizations most need creative employees who can conceive the solutions of tomorrow.
  2. Persuasion – Having a great product, a great platform or a great concept is one thing, but the key is persuading people to buy into it.
  3. Collaboration – As projects grow increasingly more complex and global in the age of AI, effective collaboration only grows more important.
  4. Adaptability – An adaptable mind is an essential tool for navigating today’s ever-changing world, as yesterday’s solutions won’t solve tomorrow’s problems.
  5. Time management – A timeless skill, mastering time management today will serve you the rest of your career.

How to tap into the “soft skill” revolution and where to start?

  1. Identify your core competency. What have you got? And what do you need work on?
  2. Make your good skills perfect, and start working on soft skills you want to acquire! There are many resources for practical examples and good information for you to get your  hands on (try Linkedin, Psychologytoday)
  3. Be and remain OPEN to the idea that we are a constant work in progress. No human being is perfect and when you accept this, the sky is really your limit! How? Well you will always find new areas to improve on and become a better version of yourself!

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